1. My Customer has accepted a quote but hasn't received a notification to log into GMO Sign?

    In this case an Atlas account has been created but the customer has not received a link to register onto the GMO Sign platform.
    To re send the registration link and temp password to the customer contact GMO SIgn support and ask the team to manually set the password and have this resent to the customer.
  2. My Customer wants to raise a support case, how do they go about doing this?

    Ask your customer to raise an Atlas support ticket via email
  3. My Customer has received an invoice but has not been able to use the service as they are still waiting for the identity to be approved?    

    Invoices will be auto issued on acceptance of a quote, if the customer is waiting for an identity to be approved then follow up with the account manager and/or vetting to check on the status.
    Sales can also view the status of the identity in Salesforce.
  4. My customer is unable to link their DSS API credentials with their GMO Sign Account. What do I do?

    Raise a ticket via support.
  5. My Customer didn't download or save a copy of their API credentials? How can they go about retrieving these?    

    As the API credentials key and secret are only available at the point of creation the customer will need to create a new API credentials.

    The customer should:

    1. Revoke the existing API
    2. Create a new API by linking their service and Identity (if required)
    3. Copy or download API key and secret

    Should the customer continue to have difficulties then raise a support ticket.
  6. My customer has sent an e-signature document to an incorrect or invalid email address? Can I be re-credited this usage?

    No, it can't be re-credited as the transaction has been requested.
  7. Does customer need any Token or HSM to plug in the system in order to digitally sign the PDF file?

    There is no need for Token or any HSM device as Digital Signing Service (DSS) Account will be linked to your GMO Sign Account. The Digital Signing Service (DSS) handles all of the cryptographic components needed to produce trusted AATL digital signatures.

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