Create an Identity

Create an Identity


Note: Only Digital Signature requires a GMO Sign Identity. Electronic Signature does not need any Identity.

  1. Login to your Atlas portal and select Identities.

  2. Click on Request an identity.

  3. Select GMO Sign - Digital Signatures.

  4. Select your Country from the dropdown box.

  5. Enter in your registered business information.

  6. Request the identity after verifying all the entered details.

    Note: The system will show all Identity details once so that you can verify and correct if there is an error. Please note that you cannot make any changes in the identity details after this step.
  7. Go to identity section to see the identity status.
  8. Identity vetted by the vetting team would appear as below.

  9. Click on View & Manage Identities.
    The identity is visible on the Identity page.

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