API Credentials

API Credentials


  1. This API credential must be linked to an active service. If you haven't yet subscribed to a service, refer to:


  1. Click the API Credentials on the Atlas menu found on the left side. Then, click Generate an API Credential.

  2. Select an existing service and click on Continue.  

  3. Only identity profiles applicable to your chosen service are shown on the next page, select the identity and click Continue.

    Note: If you don’t see any identity profile, click on Request a new identity profile to order a new profile which would be vetted and approved by our vetting team.


  4. Enter in the familiar name and Continue.

    Note: Familiar name should contain only lower-case letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens.

  5. The API credential are now active.

  6. Go to API credentials options on the left side menu and click on the three dots on the API tile to view the service and identity association. You can also revoke your credentials using the same option.

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