How to order mTLS Certificates

How to order mTLS Certificates


This operation requires an active API credential.


  1. Select mTLS certificates option on the left side menu.

  2. Click generate an MTLS certificate.

  3. On the next screen, you can either generate MTLS certificate Via Globalsign Technology Partners or Directly via the API.  
  4. Click on Directly via the API.

  5. Link one or more API credentials (as available) to this mTLS certificate.
  6. Select the API credential(s).

  7. Generate CSR and paste it in the box and continue.

    Note: 2048-Bit Key Length is required.

  8. Success, the system would present the mTLS certificate to you.
  9. Click view and manage mTLS certificates.
  10. Click on the three dots on the mTLS tile to download the certificate or copy to clipboard.


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