Frequently Asked Questions

I am an existing Atlas Platform user can I use the same access to purchase GMOSign?

Yes, if you are an existing Atlas user you can use the platform to accept GMO orders and access the GMO Sign platform

What is pricing based on?

Pricing is based on the Number of Documents being signed either electronically or digitally or both 

Does the customer need to generate an mTLS Certificate?

No, GMO Sign customers do not need to generate an mTLS Certificate.

Does the customer need an Identity for GMO Sign products?

Digital Sign transactions will require a vetted GMO Sign (DSS) Identity. The customer can request this via their Atlas platform account.
NOTE: Electronic Signature transaction plans do not require a vetted identity because there are no digital certificates issued when applying e-signatures.

Does the customer need to provide a Common Name (CN) when creating their Identity?

No, similar to the ePKI model, the Identity Profile is setup without a Common Name. This allows for the signers name to be applied as the Common Name at the time of digitally signing.
GMO Sign does not support signing in the name of an Organizational Seal.

Can a Service Provider request an Identity?

No, GMO Sign is only available to Direct Type customers. Service providers are not supported.
If a customer mistakenly creates a service provider account then it must be adjusted to a Direct Type account.

What if my Sign quota is over for E-sign or D-sign?

The Product Pack’s service would be moved to Overage. However, you may use the same API.

What if the customer wants to renew their Product Pack ( GMOSign)?

Sales would need to provide the new Product pack. However, same API can be used


For more information, visit GMO Sign Help Centre

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