Generating and Importing a Certificate into Microsoft Azure Key Vault

Generating and Importing a Certificate into Microsoft Azure Key Vault


The following article provides step-by-step instructions for generating and importing a Certificate into Microsoft Azure Key Vault. Note: If this is not the solution you are looking for, please search for your solution in the search bar above.


  1. After you have created and selected your key vault, press the Certificates option on the right side menu. Then, click Generate/Import button at the top, as shown below.
  2. On the Create a certificate window, fill out the Certificate details. Once done, click the Create button to proceed.
  3. Click the Download CSR button to get a copy of your CSR. Note: You will need to submit CSR to the GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) upon installation of the Certificate as shown in the second picture.

  4. Once the Certificate is issued, click the Merge Signed Request button.
  5. Then, select the Certificate you downloaded from the GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) portal.
  6. Now, your Certificate is stored in your Key Vault and ready for use..

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