BILLmanager - Add a New Integration Module

BILLmanager - Add a New Integration Module


This article describes how to add a new integration module for BILLmanager. If this is not the solution you are looking for, please search for your solution in the search bar above. 


To add a new integration module go to  Integration → Processing modules → Add and perform the following steps: 

  1. Select the product type "SSL certificates".
  2. Select the processing module  "GlobalSign". 
  3. Enter the information for integration with GlobalSign. 
  4. Enter the processing module parameters. 

Integration settings

  • Username — user in GlobalSign system.
  • Password — access password to system API.
  • Demo — you can use demo access to test ordering.
  • IP address — IP address to be used to send API requests.

Check connection

On the last step of the Setup Wizard, BILLmanager tries to connect to the Certification Authority with the specified parameters. If the operation failed with the error  message: "Cannot connect to the processing module", perform the following steps: 

  • make sure the connection parameters are correct; 
  • check that the URL-address of the Certification Authority is accessible from the server with BILLmanager;
  • make sure that  API calls can be executed from the BILLmanager IP address in the Certification Authority Client area. 

Account balance 

The module can send the current account balance from the Certification Authority side. A BILLmanager administrator can see the current balance information on the billing system Dashboard.

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