Maximum Certificate Validity

Maximum Certificate Validity


This article covers the allowed validity periods for SSL and Digital Certificates issued by GlobalSign.  

Product Validity Periods


Product Maximum Validity
AlphaSSL 27 Months
DomainSSL 27 Months
OrganizationSSL 27 Months
CloudSSL 27 Months
ExtendedSSL 27 Months
PersonalSign 1 39 Months
PersonalSign 2 39 Months
PersonalSign 2 Pro 39 Months
PersonalSign 2 Department 39 Months
PersonalSign 3 39 Months
Adobe AATL 39 Months
Code Signing 39 Months
EV Code Signing 39 Months

What is the maximum validity for SSL Certificates?

As of March 1, 2018, the CA/B Forum Baseline Requirements restrict the maximum validity of DV and OV SSL Certificates to 825 days (~2 year or 27 months).

Click here for our resources on why the CA/B Forum Baseline Requirements changed the maximum validity of a Certificate.


1. Ballot 193 - 825-Day Certificate Lifetimes

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