Change Certificate Details After Issuance

Change Certificate Details After Issuance

Changing Certificate Details After the Certificate Has Been Issued

For example.
The common name of the site is specified in the certificate's "Issued to" field. The common name must match what is being displayed in the address bar or be covered as a SAN entry on the certificate. The common name of the certificate cannot be changed without invalidating the certificate. To change the common name after the certificate has been issued you must generate a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR) specifying the correct common name. For this to be done you will require to purchase a new certificate. Alternatively you may be able to add the required domain as a SAN. For more information please view our SAN instructions.

Refer to our Support Guides below for Cancelling & Reordering if you require a change on your certificate after issuance.

Cancel & Reorder
SSL Certificate
Personal Sign, Code Signing or PDF Signing Certificate​

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