CIT Platform FAQs

CIT Platform FAQs

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CIT Platform Introduction

Globalsign's Certificate Inventory Tool (CIT) Service uses Keyhub, a Certificate Life Cycle Management platform, made for IT professionals who deal with internal and/or external Certificates. Using its easy-to-navigate GUI, Keyhub offers vendor-agnostic certificate scanning, reporting, and inventory management.

The primary use of CIT is certificate discovery and tracking of expiration dates, but the platform provides other useful features, such as CT log monitoring and a CSR generator. It has a simple sign-up and set-up process, and a modern interface.

High Level Features

Certificate Discovery

Certificate Discovery is the process of detecting Certificates based on conditions specified in a scan. The scan will show all known and unknown Certificates associated with your network (including subdomains) and internal IP addresses, and load them into the Inventory. Scans can be conducted externally or internally (will require a downloadable agent), and saved into profile for future scanning/reporting.

Certificate Inventory

The CIT Inventory is the certificate database that collects results of all certificate discovery requests. It is easy to navigate with flexible filtering and quick-access groups. You can also upload and delete Certificates manually. Clicking each Certificate provides a detailed certificate card, with information about its:

  • key and signature algorithm
  • key strength
  • size
  • issuer name and location
  • IP addresses and ports
  • certificate expiration status
  • expiry date

Certificate Reporting

CIT Reports are scheduled emails with a PDF file containing system health and details on certificate groups that you are monitoring. Reports can be scheduled at different intervals, and specific email addresses can be chosen to receive reports. You can create multiple reports based on existing Certificate groups. 

Other Features

  • CSR Decoder
  • Certificate Decoder
  • CSR Generator

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