GlobalSign Root Ubiquity

GlobalSign Root Ubiquity


In today’s interconnected world, your online solutions need to interact seamlessly with customers who connect to your web server, read your emails, run your code, or trust your electronic documents. As a leading WebTrust-accredited Certification Authority, GlobalSign maintains its own Root Embedding program. GlobalSign’s Root Certifi­cates can be found in every popular machine, device, application and platform that uses the trust of Public Key Infrastructure.

For a full list of GlobalSign's Root Certificates and their algorithms, please visit:


Platform Root R1 Root R3 Root R5 Root R6
Mozilla NSS 3.11.10
Firefox 1.0 
NSS 3.12.8
Firefox 3.6.12
NSS 3.17.3
Firefox 36 
NSS 3.39
Firefox 63
Microsoft XP
Win 7
IE 5.01
Win 7
IE 8
Win 8.1
IE 10
Win 10
IE 11 
Apple MacOS 9.0
MacOS X 10.5.6
iOS 3
Safari 1
MacOS X 10.6.4
iOS 4
Safari 4
MacOS X 10.9
iOS 7
Safari 7
Android Android 1 Android 3 Android 5.1.1 Android 10
Chrome Root is embedded if it is embedded in the local operating system key store.
Amazon   Root is embedded if it is embedded in the local operating system key store.
Java SE 5 SE 8 SE 8 JDK 12
Opera 6.1 10 15 28
Blackberry   4.3  5  10.3 NA
Linux All major Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)
Sony PS Portable
PS 3
PS 4
PS Portable
PS 3
PS 4
Nintendo Wii
Wii U
Wii U
eIDAS In November 2018, GlobalSign was recognized by the Belgian eIDAS supervisory body to provide Qualified Certificates for Electronic Signatures and Qualified Certificates for Electronic Seals.
Adobe GlobalSign's Root R3 and R6 support document signing as part of the Adobe Approved Trust List program.

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