Update GlobalSign Root Certificate - Windows XP & Windows 2000

Feb 19, 2024

Update GlobalSign Root Certificate - Windows XP & Windows 2000

(Resolve LogMeIn Certificate Expiration Error)

Manual Fix for Windows 2000, XP, XP Embedded

  1. Download the GlobalSign Root-R1 certificate to an accessible location:
    GlobalSign Root Certificates
  2. Click Start Run
    Step 2.png
  3. Type MMC and press OK
    Step 3.png
  4. Click on File  Add / Remove Snap-In
    Step 4.png
    Note: In Windows 2000 click Console instead of File.
  5. Click Add
    Step 5.png
  6. Under Snap-in, double click on Certificates
    Step 6.png
  7. Click Computer Account > Next
    Step 7.png
  8. Local Computer > Finish
    Step 8.png
  9. Click Close.
  10. Click OK to exit the snap-in window.
    Step 10.png
  11. Click [+] next to Certificates > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates
  12. Right click on Certificates and select All Tasks > Import
    Step 12.jpg
  13. Click Next
    Step 13.jpg
  14. Click Browse
    Step 14.jpg
  15. Select Root-R1.crt downloaded in step 1.
    Press Open and Next to continue.
    Step 15.png
  16. Click Next
    Step 16.jpg
  17. Click Finish
    Step 17.jpg
  18. Press OK
    Step 18.jpg

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