EOL SHA-1 Authenticode and CodeSign Timestamping

EOL SHA-1 Authenticode and CodeSign Timestamping


Starting January 26, 2021, GlobalSign will no longer offer SHA-1 Authenticode and CodeSign Timestamping services.

Per industry mandates and following best practices, we have deprecated all SHA-1 product offerings over the past few years and as a final step, we will discontinue SHA-1 timestamping services in January 2021.

Impact to Customers

  • There's a minimal impact to Customers since all GlobalSign products that include timestamping currently use SHA-2 Timestamping services by default.
  • The primary use case for SHA-1 Timestamping was for Kernel Mode Code Signing with older Windows OS such as Windows XP and Vista.
  • Customers who need Kernel Mode Code Signing for Windows XP and Vista, will need to purchase an EV Code Signing Certificate (which include SHA-2 timestamping) and leverage the MS Dev Portal.

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