EV Code Signing - Overview

Feb 21, 2024

EV Code Signing - Overview


Extended Validation Code Signing certificates provide a higher level of security and assurance over standard code signing certificates. Applicants for EV code signing certificates undergo a more strict vetting process. Additionally the certificate must be installed on a hardware security module, password protected, and non-exportable. 

What are the Benefits of EV Code Signing?

Signing your application and/or drivers with an EV code signing certificate established immediate reputation with Microsoft's Smart Screen and your users will not receive Smart Screen warnings when launching your application. 
Windows will require all drivers to be signed with an EV code signing certificate. Non-EV signed drivers will not be accepted on Windows. 

Will EV Code Signing Work on Different Platforms?

Yes, EV code signing certificates will work on Windows and Mac OS X. They can be used with Microsoft Signtool to sign executables and drivers. EV code signing certs also work with Java Jarsigner


Example of Signed Application:


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