Do I need a Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC)?

Jan 27, 2023

Do I need a Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC)?

What is a QWAC?

A Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC) is a type of qualified SSL/TLS Digital Certificate under the trust services defined in the eIDAS Regulation. In the eIDAS Regulation, trust services are defined as electronic services, normally provided by trust service providers (TSPs) like GlobalSign and these electric services include electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic time stamps, electronic registered delivery services and website authentication. For website authentication, QWACs are issued under stringent verification rules to assure the highest possible identity assurance in compliance with the eIDAS regulations. These assure the data sent to QWAC secured websites meets the stringent regulations.

Who needs a QWAC?

There are a few types of customers who would benefit from purchasing QWACs:

  • Payment Service Providers (PSP) - Validate identity to customers and other businesses, comply with PSD2 and open banking regulations
  • Banking Institutions - Prove identity to PSPs, comply with PSD2 and open banking regulations
  • Anyone who is bound to comply with the eIDAS regulations 

How to Order a QWAC?

GlobalSign QWAC Certificates are a version of the Extended SSL Product.
For more information on the QWAC ordering and vetting process, please see this article:

Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC) Onboarding Guide

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