Removal of TLS trust bit from Roots R1 and R3 by Mozilla

Feb 19, 2024

Removal of TLS trust bit from Roots R1 and R3 by Mozilla

Mozilla Announcement

Mozilla has announced their plans to start removing the TLS and Secure Mail trust bits from all of the older Roots in their root program. Mozilla will be removing website and S/MIME trust bits from Roots according to the following schedule:

Key Material Created Removal of Websites Trust Bit Removal of S/MIME Trust Bit
Before 2006 April 15, 2025 April 15, 2028
2006-2007 April 15, 2026 April 15, 2029
2008-2009 April 15, 2027 April 15, 2029
2010-2011 April 15, 2028 April 15, 2031
2012- April 14, 2014 April 15, 2029 April 15, 2032
April 15, 2014 - present 15 years from creation 18 years from creation

How will this affect GlobalSign?

Roots TLS Stop Issuance Mozilla Bit Removal
GlobalSign Root R1 March 14, 2024 April 15, 2025
GlobalSign Root R3 March 15, 2026 April 15, 2027
GlobalSign Root R5 (ECC) March 15, 2028 April 15, 2029
GlobalSign Root R6 November 09, 2028 December 10, 2029

What's Changing?

The following products will be modified as part of disabling TLS issuance from Root R1:

We will announce plans for transitioning away from GlobalSign Root R3 as we get closer to 2026.

Products Impacted:

  • TLS: AlphaSSL, CloudSSL, and some TLS OV customer-specific configurations

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