Order and Phishing Statuses

Feb 19, 2024

Order and Phishing Statuses


This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to look up an order status in your GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) and provide explanations for what each of those statuses mean.


You can view the order status of any Certificate by following the instructions below:


  1. Log into your GCC account.
  2. Select the tab that relates to the type of Certificate you are inquiring about. Click Search Order History in the left-hand column.
  3. Click Search to search all orders or search for a specific Certificate. The search on the SSL and Managed SSL tabs will search all SSL orders if you click Show Advanced Search and check the Include non-managed SSL certificates or managed SSL certificates, depending on which tab you currently have selected.
  4. With your orders displayed look for the column called Order Status to see what status the Certificate is currently in.

Below is a list of the meaning of the major order statuses that will be displayed:

  • Application Completed – An Alpha SSL or Domain SSL order has been submitted and the approver email has been sent to the relevant email address. The approver must respond to the email to continue the process.
  • Application of Issue Failed – The signing engine has refused to issue the Certificate, usually due to a CSR error. Please contact support if you see this status.
  • Cancellation Statuses - When an order is canceled the font color will turn red and the cancel status will show Cancellation Completed. The Certificate status will still show Certificate Issued if it was issued or Order canceled prior to issuance if it was canceled before. The key takeaway is if the order has been canceled, it is indicated by the red font color.
  • Certificate Issued – A Certificate that has been issued and emailed to the customer.
  • Certificate Re-issued – The Certificate has been successfully re-issued.
  • Certificate Revoked – The Certificate has been revoked. Note: That no refund is given for revoked Certificates.
  • Extended SSL Order Preliminary Reviewed  – The order has been received but has not been issued. Note: This status also occurs on Client Certificate orders and not just Extended SSL orders.
  • Issue Completed – A Certificate that has been issued and emailed to the customer.
  • Issuance Failed – The signing engine has refused to issue the certificate, usually due to a CSR error. Please contact support if you see this status.
  • Issuance Failed, CA Error – An error occurred during the Certificate signing at the Certificate Authority (CA) level. Usually GlobalSign can reprocess these orders to issue normally.
  • Order Awaiting Account Administrator Approval – The account Administrator needs to confirm the order in their GCC account before the Certificate will issue. This is often used when orders are placed via a Public Ordering Page (POP) for Managed SSL (MSSL) orders.
  • Order Cancelled Prior to Issuance – The order was cancelled before it was issued.
  • Order Received – The order has been placed but has not been issued.
  • Order Received, Undergoing Vetting – The order has been placed but has not been issued because it is going through the vetting process.
  • Phishing Checks Required – DomainSSL or AlphaSSL orders that get flagged for phishing flags.
  • Ready to Issue – A Client Certificate (PersonalSign, PDF Signing or CodeSigning) Certificate that has been released from vetting and is awaiting the user to follow the pickup link in the fulfillment email to download and install the Certificate.
  • Review Documents - The Certificate is still undergoing vetting and no action is required unless you are contacted by a vetting agent.


For OV and EV Products

Domain Status:

  • In security review - Domain contained in an OV or EV order that has been flagged for additional checks.
  • Unverified - Awaiting for customer to complete self-domain validation process.
  • Verified - Domain validation completed.

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