Value Added Tax

Feb 9, 2023

Value Added Tax

Supplying a Value Added Tax Number

Please note that if a Value Added Tax (VAT) number is not supplied, GlobalSign will be required to charge the VAT (not applicable outside of Europe). For United Kingdom (UK) customers VAT will be charged at 20% and for European customers (non-UK), VAT will be charged at the current VAT percentage. You can look up your current VAT percentage by visiting VATLive. Invoices will be raised to all customers by the appropriate local GlobalSign sales office and will illustrate the associated VAT charges if applicable.

Country Code Country Name VAT Registration Number Format
AT Austria U12345678
BE Belgium 123.456.789
BG Bulgaria 123456789
123456789 10
HR Croatia 12345678901
CY Cyprus 12345678Z
CZ Czech Republic 12345678 
DK Denmark
EE Estonia 123456789
FI Finland 12345678
FR France 12 123456789
X1 123456789
1X 123456789
XX 123456789
DE Germany 123456789
EL Greece 123456789
HU Hungary 12345678
IE Ireland 1234567Z
IT Italy 12345678901
LV Latvia 12345678901
LT Lithuania 123456789
LU Luxembourg 123456 78
MT Malta 12345678
NL Netherlands 1234 56 789 B12
PL Poland 1234567890
PT Portugal 123456789
RO Romania 12345678
SK Slovak Republic 1234567890
SI Slovenia 12345678
ES Spain Z1234567Z
SE Sweden 123 456 789 012
UK United Kingdom 123 4567 89

X = Wildcard
Z = Letter

Additional Resources:
VATLive Website:

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