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Generate API Credentials



  1. Note you need to have an Active identity and service to be able to generate an API credential.

    Click on API Credentials on the menu on your left hand side. You can also click on GENERATE AN API CREDENTIAL on the API Credentials tile. If you want to return to the dashboard and start the process again, please click the GlobalSign Atlas logo in the  top left corner. 

    Step 1 - updated.png

  2. Select the relevant Identity then click on Continue.

    On the right side, you will see the information of the chosen identity.


  3. Select an active Service to link and use with the chosen Identity, and then click on CONTINUE.


  4. Add a familiar name. Lower case, numbers and underlines are accepted.

    The familiar name will help you identify the key you are looking for when you have generated multiple API credentials.

    Check the familiar name has been added to the API Summary. Click on CONTINUE.


  5. Please ensure you keep the key and secret secure. You can also download the secret and the key in CSV format.

    Note: The API key and secret are not saved on the portal. If you leave the page without saving them, you will need to generate another API Credential.



Next steps

Now you have successfully generated your API Credentials, you will need to create your mTLS certificate.

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