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Create an Identity

Follow these steps to create an Identity:

  1. Log into your GlobalSign Atlas account using your USERNAME and PASSWORD. The USERNAME is the email address you used to sign up.

    On the landing page, you will see tiles in the dashboard. There is also a menu on the left-hand side.


  2. Click the REQUEST AN IDENTITY button from the Identities tile on the dashboard. Alternatively, select Identities from the menu on the left, and click REQUEST AN IDENTITY. If you want to return to the dashboard and start the process again, please click the GlobalSign Atlas logo in the  top left corner. 

    screenshot 2 - updated.png

  3. If you click the Identities on your left and it is your first time adding an Identity, you will see a page like the one below. Click on REQUEST AN IDENTITY.


  4. Add Identity details following the instructions below. You can add two-byte characters. Click on CONTINUE to proceed to the next step.


  5. Review the information you have entered in the previous page. Please note that the information cannot be changed once submitted for Vetting.

    Click on the REQUEST THIS IDENTITY button after confirming that the details are correct. Otherwise, click on EDIT DETAILS to return to the previous page and amend your identity details.


  6. After submitting, you will see the following message. Click on RETURN TO DASHBOARD to go back to the menu page.

    step 6 - updated.png

  7. You can add as many Identities as you need by going through the same steps. You can click on the Identities menu on the left panel to see the status of each identity you have added.


Additional info: 


Now that you have successfully created your Identity, refer to Verify an Identity for more info on vetting statuses and what they mean.

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