Create an Identity

Dec 13, 2022

Follow these steps to create an Identity:

  1. Request Identity profiles. 


  2. Select the Identity related to the service. 

    screenshot 2 - updated.png

    ATLAS offers an Identity for different services:

    • Digital Signing Service (DSS)
    • TLS (OV)
    • TLS (DV)
    • S/MIME Enterprise
    • S/MIME Personal*
    • Intranet SSL OV*
    • Intranet SSL DV*
    • GMO Sign - Digital Signatures
    • ACME (DV)

      Note: *These services are only available in select regions.
  3. From the dropdown, select the country where your own organization is located.

    Click Continue. 


  4. On the next page, enter in the Registered Business information such as name of the region, name of the city and the full legal name of your organization. 

    Note: Please enter the precise business information as it is registered with national business authorities. Even small mistakes may cause delays.

    Click on Continue.


  5. Additional Value page is visible depending on Identity chosen. 
    Enter in the additional information such as Organizational unit, common name and an email address. While you may skip providing organizational unit and an email address, but we do recommend you providing in a common name.
    Click on continue.


  6. The system will show all Identity details once so that you can verify and correct if there is an error.
    Please note that you cannot make any changes in the Identity details after this step.
    Click on Request this identity.


  7. Click on view & manage Identities.
    The identity and it’s status is visible on the Identity page. 


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