ExtendedSSL Intermediate Certificates

Mar 11, 2024

ExtendedSSL Intermediate Certificates


Extended Validation Certificates are the highest class of SSL available today and lend the most credibility to your website by prominently displaying your verified organization name directly in the browser interface.

Intermediate Certificates help complete a "Chain of Trust" from your SSL or Client Certificate to GlobalSign's Root Certificate.

As an ExtendedSSL customer you must install your end entity SSL Certificate (received via e-mail) along with an ExtendedSSL Intermediate Certificate listed below.

Instructions for installing SSL Certificates on various platforms can be found here:
SSL Installation

Note: In some cases, the web server may need to be configured with the GlobalSign R3-R5 Cross Certificate or possibly with Root R3 or Root R5 as part of the standard configuration process. 

SSL RSA Certificate (Default)

ExtendedSSL SHA-256 R3 Intermediate Certificate

GlobalSign Extended Validation CA - SHA256 - G3
SHA256 • RSA • 2048

Valid until: 21 September 2026
Serial #: ‎48 a4 02 dd 27 92 0d a2 08 34 9d d1 99 7b
Thumbprint: ‎60 23 19 2f e7 b5 9d 27 89 13 0a 9f e4 09 4f 9b 55 70 d4 a2

Download Certificate (Binary/DER Encoded) View in Base64

SSL ECC Certificate (Default)

ExtendedSSL SHA-384 R5 Intermediate Certificate

GlobalSign ECC EV SSL CA - 2018
SHA384 • ECDSA • 384

Valid until: 21 November 2028
Serial #: 01 ee 5f 22 a5 2f 7d 6c 16 1a ed 4b b2
Thumbprint: 69 94 ea 0f 3c 92 63 d3 cb 12 a2 15 22 f0 75 4a ce b9 7a 08

Download Certificate (Binary/DER Encoded) View in Base64

QWAC RSA Certificate

GlobalSign GCC R3 EV QWAC CA 2020

GlobalSign GCC R3 EV QWAC CA 2020

SHA256 • RSA • 4096

Valid until: 18-03-2029
Serial #: 78:03:18:27:02:cf:9b:1a:ba:b8:60:46:a0:f6:a8:ae
Thumbprint: ed:d4:c6:4d:fd:0e:38:d5:86:f1:c2:f0:a9:2d:f0:a4:11:35:1f:8f

Download Certificate (Binary/DER Encoded) View in Base64

QWAC ECC Certificate

GlobalSign GCC E46 EV QWAC CA 2020

GlobalSign GCC E46 EV QWAC CA 2020
SHA384 • ECDSA • 384

Valid until: 28-07-2029
Serial #: 78:03:18:29:82:33:ea:fd:42:a9:3a:f2:8b:03:c8:37
Thumbprint: 58:d0:54:b0:6d:6d:4a:f0:1d:ba:15:a4:df:44:51:a4:09:90:a5:4e

Download Certificate (Binary/DER Encoded) View in Base64

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