Client Digital Certificate Process

Client Digital Certificate Process

Overview of the Download and Installation of Client Digital Certificates

The process for obtaining a Client Digital Certificate is one which has multiple steps and can be confusing for customers. The list below provides a high-level overview of what the process is from start to finish for finding, obtaining, and using the certificate. For more detailed instructions for each step please search in the search bar above.

Client Digital Certificate Process:


  • Identify which Client Digital Certificate best suits your requirements.
  • Create a GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) account and complete the application to order and purchase the certificate OR if you already have a GCC account place the new order in your account.
  • Receive the approval email and accept the application.
  • Wait for the vetting process to be completed by GlobalSign (varies depending on the type of certificate you purchased).
  • Pick up your Client Digital Certificate using your pickup password. Remember this cannot be reset if forgotten so make sure to take note of it during the application process.
  • Download the Client Digital Certificate. Instructions to do this can be searched for in the search bar above.
  • Install the Client Digital Certificate by following the instructions specific to your operating system, browser, and/or email client. Specific instructions can be searched for in the search bar above.
  • Your certificate is now ready for use.

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