Email Security - PersonalSign

Email Security - PersonalSign

PersonalSign Certificates and Email Security

PersonalSign Certificates use Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) technology to allow users to digitally sign and encrypt email. Digitally signing emails protects the origin and authenticity of an email. A digital signature (different from a “message signature” or customizable salutation) adds a unique code to a message which only comes from the Digital ID of the original sender. It also confirms that the content of the email has not been altered in transit. Encrypting email ensures message privacy. Encrypting email converts the message into (scrambled) ciphertext. Only the intended recipient (who is the owner of the corresponding private key*) can “unlock” the message and view the content in clear text. 

*Both the sender and the recipient must have a digital certificate to use email encryption.

Visit the PersonalSign Certificates page on for further information about email security and the other use cases PersonalSign can address.

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