Feature for EPKI Bulk Reissue

Jul 10, 2023

Feature for EPKI Bulk Reissue


Under the “Enterprise PKI” tab, we now offer a bulk reissuance feature for EPKI Certificates.

Navigate to the "Enterprise PKI" tab in GCC, view the "My Certificates" menu section and you will see the new option for: "Reissue Certificate BULK". You can upload a CSV file with the list of Certificates order numbers to be reissued (format MPS1234567890 or MAS1234567890) and a corresponding pickup password set for the user that will have to pick up the Certificate.

Important Notes

  • The bulk reissuance feature supports: EPKI PersonalSign, SMIME, AATL and EPKI Pro PersonalSign Certificates (NAESB certificates)
  • Bulk reissuance is not supported through the EPKI API
  • Bulk reissuance has a maximum of 200 orders per transaction
  • The csv file needs to be correctly formatted (see instructions in the screenshot)
  • The csv file must only contain order numbers that can be reissued
  • For incorrect order numbers, an error message will be presented indicating the row with the incorrect value

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