Reissue EPKI Certificates

Aug 25, 2023


This article provides step-by-step instructions for reissuing a Certificate from your EPKI GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) Account. 
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Important: If you wish to reissue your existing Certificate after August 28, 2023, then please contact the GlobalSign Support Team

Step-by-step Guidelines

  1. Click Account Login on the homepage.

    Step 1.png
  2. Log in with your credentials.

    Step 2.png
  3. Make sure the Enterprise PKI tab is selected.

    Step 3.png
  4. Optional: If you have 2-Factor Authentication enabled for your EPKI Account, click View Admin Menu Options on the left-hand side.
    Note: If your account is not configured for Client Authentication, please skip to Step 6.

    Step 4.png
  5. Click OK to authenticate with your Admin Certificate.
  6. Click Search Certificates.

    Step 6.png
  7. Click Search to display all Certificates, or enter specific information about the Certificate you are looking for to narrow your search.

    Step 7.png
  8. Locate the order you would like to reissue and click Application next to the Certificate.

    Step 8.png
  9. Click Reissue Certificate to complete the process.

    Step 9.png

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