Jan 24, 2023


GMO Sign, a cloud-based signing solution, saves time and effort from laborious tasks such as posting, collecting, filing, and searching of documents. Features like timestamp, long-term validation, and client-less interface significantly reduce the time and cost spent on managing, archiving, and shipping paper documents.


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GMO Sign Features

  • Send for signing

    • Send a document to a colleague to sign and they will have up to 90 days to add their signature.

  • Sign completion

    • Once a signature has been applied, the document can be shared and downloaded for up to 14 days.

  • Cloud storage

    • Unlimited availability.

  • Operational logs

    • Keep a record of operational logs for up to 3 months (exportable in CSV format).

  • Address book

    • Up to 100 addresses can be registered for each user.

  • Language

    • Available in English and Japanese.

  • Templates

    • Up to 30 email templates available to use for communicating with colleagues.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is setting up a PIN similar to an access code?

No, a PIN is set up for digital signatures whereas an access code is set up for electronic signatures.


2. How many signers can be added to sign a single file within an organization?


3.  How many approvers can be added on a single file sign flow?


4.  How can I update the Admin details e.g. if a user needs to transfer their admin privileges to a colleague before leaving the organization?

  • A GMO Sign user with an Administrator role can create/add new Admin users, by selecting “Users” on the menu and adding new users with Admin privileges.

  • To transfer Admin privileges to an existing user, select the user from existing users under “Users” and update their privileges so they can edit the details / roles of any other users.

  • Note, only an existing Admin can add or edit user details.

  • For more information, please refer to:


5.  Do GMO Sign users each have their own unique user ID?


6.  How long is a GMO Sign subscription valid for?


7.  How do I import templates and emails while signing the documents?

It is easy to create templates in GMO Sign. Only a user with an Admin role can create templates by selecting the  "Templates" option in the menu. The Admin user will need to upload a standard document that they want to use as a template, select the signing fields for signers and receivers and save the changes for future use.

Once a template has been registered, it can be selected at the time of signing.


8.  How can a recipient change the signer if they are not the signing Authority?

  • The requester who is creating the signing request can allow the recipient to change the signer by ticking the “Change Signer” check box during the request signing process. This means the recipient will be able to change the signer and forward it to the correct signing authority.

  • For more information, please refer to:


9.  How do I reset the digital signature PIN if forgotten?

  • Users who have an electronic certificate for digitially signing will require a PIN code to complete the digitial signing request.

  • If a user has lost/forgotten their PIN, they can reset it with the help of their existing GMO Sign application password.

  • This PIN code provides Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for the digital Signatures.

  • For more information, please refer to:


For further articles or questions, please refer to our GMO Sign Help Center:

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