NAESB FAQs (PersonalSign)

Feb 10, 2023

NAESB FAQs (PersonalSign)

1. How do I get started with an NAESB Certificate?

To sign up to a NAESB Certificate, click here:

Note: You’ll need your EIR code before ordering the Certificate with GlobalSign.

2. What’s an EIR code?

Digital Certificates are required to access the NAESB Electronic Industry Registry (EIR). The NAESB EIR is a central repository of information which is required for Wholesale Electric Quadrant (WEQ) commercial interactions including scheduling and transmission management operations. A Digital Certificate issued by a NAESB ACA such as GlobalSign, is required for access.

3. How can I register for an EIR code?

You can register for an EIR code using the following link:

4. Would I ever need more than one EIR code?

Yes, if your company has different legal names, then each name will need its own EIR code. For more information on how to manage your EPKI account, please refer to the admin guide:

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