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Aug 5, 2020

GlobalSign has developed a number of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) designed for Partners to automate the ordering and delivery of customer's SSL Certificates. Using an API will help you create a robust and scalable SSL business as a GlobalSign partner. Plus, it has already been seamlessly integrated with a number of 3rd party hosting control panels/billing tools to further reduce your time to market. 

If you would like to explore the available APIs further please view Globalsign's Partner XML API documentation. The documentation assumes familiarity with SOAP and XML. Any technical questions or issues regarding the API may be sent to api@globalsign.com. If you are interested in becoming a GlobalSign partner please take a moment to view the available GlobalSign Partner Programs.

Please refer to the API Documentation on the following page: https://www.globalsign.com/en/resources/apis/api-documentation


FAQ's & Best Practise

1) Are you Receiving an Error Message? 

The API documentation contains a list of error messages, and potential solutions. Refer to the sub-section below depending on the API documentation you require:

SSL >12.4.2 Client Error Codes & 12.4.3 Server Error Codes

MSSL > 10.5.2 Client Error Codes & 10.5.3 Server Error Codes

CloudSSL > 6.5.2 Client Error Codes6.5.3 Server Error Codes

Client Certificate (PDF, Email & Code Signing) > 16.2 Error Codes

EPKI > 17.2 Error Codes


2) Require Further Assistance?

For further assistance, please get in touch with our Support team here or open a chat and type "help" to get in touch with one of our Support agents, who will happily assist you.

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