Customize Start and End Dates - SSL Certificates

Customize Start and End Dates - SSL Certificates

Customizing the Start and End Dates of an SSL Certificate

It is possible to have all of your SSL certificates co-terminating on the same day. This option allows you to set a start date and an end date within the validity period of the certificate. For organizations that wish to dictate a time period, such as a week, in which all certificate renewals must take place, specifying an end date will ensure that administrators commit to this activity. Furthermore, setting a start date allows SSL certificates for future projects to be applied for, paid for, and issued without becoming valid and usable until the chosen start date has been reached.

Note: If you want validity to start at the time of issuance, with only a custom end date, leave the start date field blank and only specify an end date.


  • Starting August 31, 2020, GlobalSign will no longer be issuing SSL/TLS Certificates with a validity period greater than 13 months (397 Days). Check this support article for your reference, 397 Day Maximum TLS Certificate Validity.

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