How to create a CSR using MMC

How to create a CSR using MMC


This article provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using Microsoft Management Console (MMC). If this is not the solution you are looking for, please search for your solution in the search bar above.


You can watch the following video for a tutorial. 


Here are the steps on how to generate CSR using MMC:

1. Open up MMC by typing it on Start Menu

2. Click File

3. Click Add/Remove Snap-ins

step 3.jpg

4. Select Certificate then Add

step 4.jpg

5. Click OK. Note: If it will ask you which account, choose Current User.

6. Expand the Certificates 

7. Right click on Personal folder

8. Choose All Tasks > Advanced Operations > Create Custom Request > Next

step 8.jpg

step 8(2).jpg

9. Select Proceed without enrollment policy under Customer Request

10. Click Next

step 10.jpg

11. Make sure that the template is CNG key and request format is PKCS #10 and click Next

step 11.jpg

12. Under custom request, click Properties

step 12.jpg

13. Provide a friendly name

step 13.jpg

14. Go to Subject tab

15. Under subject name, select Common Name and provide its value

16. Then click Add

17. Continue with other CSR details needed (Organization, Organization Unit, Locality, State, and Country)

step 17.jpg

18. Go to Private Key tab 

19. Expand Cryptographic Service Provider and make sure you have RSA ticked.

20. Expand Key options and choose key size 

21. Checked the Make private key exportable

step 21.jpg

22. Expand Hash Algorithm and select SHA256

23. Click Apply, then click OK

24. Click Next

25. Make sure the File Format is Base 64 and choose the directory where you want to save the CSR file.

26. Click Finish 

step 26.jpg

27. Locate the CSR file and open it on a notepad

28. Copy and submit the CSR to GlobalSign

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