Securing Multiple Servers - SSL Certificates

Securing Multiple Servers - SSL Certificates

Securing Multiple Servers With One SSL Certificate

GlobalSign certificates are provided with licensing for an unlimited number of servers included in the standard price. This allows you to easily secure your primary server, a secondary or backup server, and a load balancer without additional costs.

To move your certificate between servers you will need to install the certificate on the same web server that you generated the CSR from. You can then export the SSL certificate and its private key to a PKCS#12 file, or if it is an non-Windows based server you will be able to copy the key and certificate files.

Please be aware that if someone else has access to your key and certificate, and it is not password protected then they can easily use your certificate and misuse it. This is why we highly recommend:

  • Using strong passwords to protect your certificate and/or keys
  • Using external storage devices without network access should you wish to keep an active copy
  • Limiting the amount of people that have access to the file and passwords 

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