Deprecating the TLS/ SSL Organizational Unit (OU) field

Feb 21, 2024

Deprecating the TLS/ SSL Organizational Unit (OU) field


To comply with CA/B Forum Baseline Requirements, GlobalSign will deprecate the Organizational Unit (OU) field for TLS/SSL certificates as a 2-step process as outlined below. 

Why is the OU field being deprecated? 

The OU field is being deprecated industry - wide because it’s the only non-validated field in TLS certificates and it could be used in misleading ways. For more information view our blog.  


The following products will no longer have an option to use the OU field: 

  • Retail and reseller versions of TLS OV and EV 
  • MSSL OV and EV 
  • CloudSSL (based on MSSL) 
  • IntranetSSL (based on MSSL) 
  • AEG Private Trust TLS certificates issued from our GCC platform (based on MSSL) 

Timeline to phase out and prohibit the OU Field

Effective Date  Action
July 25, 2022
  • The OU field for new and renewal TLS OV/EV orders will be removed. 
  • The OU field in new MSSL profile requests will be removed. 
  • The OU field will be removed from all existing MSSL profiles. 


  • The following scenarios will support OU until August 29th: 
    • In-process orders (placed prior to July 25th) will be issued with the requested OU value 
    • Reissued TLS OV/EV retail and partner certificates will continue to have the OU.  
    • For urgent exceptions only, our vetting team can manually add the OU field to an MSSL profile until August 29th.   
    • Our vetting team can also add an OU to retail or reseller TLS OV/EV orders during the validation process until August 29th. 
August 29, 2022 
  • All TLS products listed above will have OU field removed prior to issuance and there will be no manual vetting process to add an OU value. 
  • The reissue process will be updated to remove the OU field from all orders. 
  • Any in-process orders with an OU will have the OU removed when issued. 


Note: Previously issued TLS Certificates containing the OU field will not be impacted and will continue to be trusted until they expire. 

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