Atlas Discovery Dashboard

Atlas Discovery Dashboard

The Atlas Discovery Dashboard shows graphical displays of Certificate stats. It allows you to easily perceive the general information about the Certificates in your inventory. You can also view upcoming Certificate expirations or quickly look at Certificates that have recently expired. The following widgets are currently available in Atlas Discovery:

  • upcoming Certificate expirations
  • issuing Certificate authority
  • Certificate status
  • key type & strength
  • signature hash algorithm
  • weak keys
  • weak hash algorithms

In the upcoming Certificate expiration bar chart, you can view Certificates that will expire 45 days from the current date. You can also click the Expired column to view Certificates that recently expired within the last 45 days. You can view all of your expired Certificates by making a filter.

The Risk Management section of the dashboard (weak keys and weak hash algorithms) currently reports on Certificates that have less than RSA 2048 key length or SHA-1 hash algorithm. More “weak Certificate” types will be added in future releases.

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