GlobalSign Atlas Discovery

Jun 1, 2023

GlobalSign Atlas Discovery

GlobalSign Atlas Discovery

GlobalSign Atlas Discovery is a certificate scanning and reporting tool made for IT professionals who manage external and/or internal Certificates. With the help of Atlas Discovery, you can:

Make Certificates visible;

  • Know exactly how many Certificates you have, where they are used and how they are used.
  • Detect every Certificate your company owns, even unknown or missing ones.
  • Manage Certificates from multiple domains and subdomains, heterogeneous environments, and Certificate Authorities, all on one platform.

Monitor network health:

  • Get a general understanding of your whole system's health through the aggregated data.
  • View the details of every TLS Certificate: key and signature algorithm, key strength size, issuer name, Certificate expiration status, and expiry date.

Prevent outages:

  • Detect network weaknesses and check your TLS Certificates for common errors.
  • Keep track of Certificate upcoming expiration dates.

View our quick-start guide here: 

Getting started with Atlas Discovery

To get started with Atlas Discovery, follow these simple steps:
Set up your scan profile. You can scan for external or internal domains. Once you save your scan profile, the scan will run automatically and populate your dashboard and inventory.

Monitor scan results on the dashboard. The dashboard presents a summary of the scan in widgets. Use the dashboard to explore information on your overall system health and define the groups of Certificates that may require additional monitoring.

View your inventory and set up filters. Your inventory is the list of all discovered Certificates. You can filter down to dedicated groups by creating filters based on subjectDN/issuerDN, days to expiration, public key strength, and more!

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