Subscribe to More Than 50K Signatures



To add or subscribe to a service of > 50K Signatures, follow this guide:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the SUBSCRIBE button within the Subscriptions tile on the dashboard.


    Alternatively, you can click on Services from the menu on your left-hand side and click on the SUBSCRIBE TO A SERVICE button on the following page.
    You can also subscribe to a TEST TLS service (this will required an approved Identity).


  3. Select the 50,000+ License Plan from the menu by clicking on that row, then click on CONTINUE. Note, you will see that you are not able to enable the automatic-renewal during the ordering process. You will only have this option on an Active Service (after you have accepted your quote and purchased the service).  


    A message will pop up to inform you that a Sales Representative will contact you soon.

    Step 3 - last screenshot updated.JPG

    Click on Return to Dashboard to go back to the main menu.

Next steps

A Sales Representative will contact you about a quote, this will include discussing which timestamp service you would like to use for your Service e.g. AATL, Seiko or QTSA. 

Once a quote has been created for you:

  • Follow this guide on how to accept the quote and purchase your order so your Service becomes Active. 
  • Once you have an Active Service, follow this guide on how to opt in or out of auto-renewal

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