Atlas Certificate Management Portal

Dec 18, 2023

Atlas Certificate Management Portal


This article will guide you on how to conduct simple Certificate Management actions in the Atlas portal, such as requesting and revoking a Certificate.
Before you can use the Certificates module, you must have an active product pack or SAN license, a vetted identity profile, and a validated domain.

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Issue a Certificate

  1. Log into your Atlas portal.
  2. Select the Certificates tab on the left menu. Then, press the Request Certificates tab to begin the process.

  3. On the Request a Certificate window, select the Product you wish to issue a Certificate from.

  4. Under the Identity Profile, select the Identity Information you want to appear in the Certificate or you can request a new Identity Profile.

  5. Copy and paste your Certificate Signing Request (CSR), then click the Check this CSR button.
    The CSR must match the signature algorithm of your selected product type.

  6. Under the Common Name section, input the domain for which you will issue a Certificate to.
    Note: Make sure that you have verified control over this domain before requesting a Certificate.

  7. Under the SANs section, you will have the option to add SANs. Tick the Add SANs option and input the domain(s) you would like to add.
    Click the Add these SANs button.
    Note: You can add SANs according to the maximum number of SANs as specified by your purchased product; e.g., if you have 5 maximum SANs in your product pack, you can add up to 4 additional SANs to your Certificate. 1 SAN will be taken as the Certificate Common Name.

  8. Under the Hash Algorithm section, you may be allowed to select the desired hash algorithm for your Certificate, according to your product type.

  9. Under the Expiration Date section, select the maximum expiration date for your Certificate. 
    You have the option to customize the End Date as shown below.
    Then, tick the I have read and agree to the Subscriber Agreement option. This is mandatory to proceed with this request.

  10. Click the Request this Certificate button to complete the request.

  11. Your Certificate request has been submitted. It may take a few moments for the Certificate to display in your Issued Certificate inventory.

Revoke a Certificate

If you need to revoke a Certificate for any reason, you may do so through the Atlas portal.

  1. Log into your Atlas portal.
  2. Select the Certificates tab on the left menu and then Issuance Inventory  to begin the process.
  3. Select the Certificate you want to revoke from the inventory and click Revoke on the right panel.

  4. Tick the revocation reason, and then click Revoke.

  5. Your Certificate has been revoked. If you have a SAN license, any SANs on this Certificate will be added back to your license.

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