Identity FAQs

Mar 6, 2024

Identity FAQs

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What is an identity?

An identity is what goes into the signing certificate. It includes the Company/Organization name (as legally registered), the Business Unit or Department (optional), as well as the City/Town, State and Country where the company is located and registered. This Identity must first be verified by GlobalSign internal procedures before the Identity becomes valid for use with one or more subscription(s). The same identity is displayed on the signature, showing detailed information about the signature provider to the relying party.


How do I request an identity?

  • Note: You must complete a purchase (or order a trial service) before you can set up an associated Identity. When you request an Identity for a Trial service or Test Certificates, it will be an auto-vetted, Domain Validated identity and available for use immediately.  


  1. After you have purchased a Product Pack, you will be prompted to create an Identity profile. From the Dashboard, click the ‘Request an Identity Profile’ button on the ‘To Do’ action card.
  2. You will be prompted to create an Identity Profile based on the Product(s) you have purchased. Example Identity Types:
    • Digital Signing Service (DSS) 
    • TLS (OV) 
    • TLS (DV) 
    • S/MIME Enterprise 
    • S/MIME Personal (DV) 
    • Intranet SSL OV 
    • Intranet SSL DV 
    • ACME (DV) 
  3. Fill out the Identity Profile Screen and click “Request Identity”.

    • The Identity profile screen will vary based on the product you’ve purchased.

      Note: You can navigate to the Identities menu item to manage and view the status of your Identities.


Why is identity verified by GlobalSign?

The identity includes information about who you are and where you are based. As a qualified CA, we verify this information following the CA/B Forum and other industry requirements. We also authenticate the origin of the order. The verified Identity information will be shown on the Certificates, which increases the trustworthiness and reliability of your signature. 


How many identities can I request?

There is no limit to the number of identities under one account. You can request as many identities as you need.


How long do I need to wait for my identity to be vetted?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee how soon the validation of the identity will be completed. The verification speed also depends on the speed of a customer's response. We will make every effort to complete the validation process as quickly as possible.


How do I change my company name in the account?

Identity details can be changed before you submit them. However, if you have already submitted them, they cannot be changed. We recommend you submit a brand-new identity with the correct details.


How do I check the status of my identity during vetting?

  1. Sign in to your Atlas account.
  2. Click on Identity Profiles on the left-hand side.
  3. Check the status of your identity.


What is the difference between "Queued for Vetting" and "Processed"?

"Queued for Vetting" means it is waiting for the Vetting Team to complete the verification process. "Processed" means the Vetting Team completed the initial validation, and the identity will be released soon.


My identity shows "Rejected". What does that mean?

"Rejected" means the Vetting Team could not complete the verification for some reason. For more information on this, please contact the vetting team by replying to the vetting email with the case reference or quoting the case reference when you submit your query.


How do I delete an existing identity?

An identity cannot be altered or deleted once it is created.

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