Token Based JAR Signing in Linux Environments

Token Based JAR Signing in Linux Environments


  1. Locate and open terminal as shown below.

  2. Locate the eToken library file ( using the terminal command:
    find / -name

    Take note of the result as you will need this later. example: /usr/lib64/

  3. Locate the JarSigner file (JarSigner) using the terminal command: 
    find /-name jarsigner

  4. Go to the JarSigner directory we found using this terminal command: 
    cd "/JarSigner/Directory"

  5. Open the Linux Terminal Text(Nano) by simply typing the terminal command: nano

  6. In Nano, set up your eToken.cfg file by using the following terminal command:
    name=eToken library="Step2/Output/"

  7. Save the text file by pressing (Ctrl+O) and name it "eToken.cfg", then press EnterNote: If prompted to confirm, press Y. Now, press (Ctrl+X) to exit Nano, and return to the Terminal Command Line.
  8. Now confirm that you've created the file in the correct directory. Enter the terminal command: 
    Note: This command lists all of the files and folders present in the directory you are currently in. 
  9. Confirm your certificate alias using the terminal command: 
    keytool -list -keystore NONE -storetype PKCS11 -providerclass -providerArg eToken.cfg 
    Note: Enter your keystore passphrase (token password) when prompted. tokenbased-codesigning_9.jpg
  10. Sign the JAR file using the following terminal command: 
    jarsigner -keystore NONE -storetype PKCS11 -tsa -providerClass -providerArg eToken.cfg /directory/test.jar "certificateAlias" 
    Enter your keystore passphrase (token password) when prompted. You'll get a jar signed message once it's completed. 
  11. We can verify the signature now by using the following terminal command:  
    jarsigner -verify -verbose /directory/test.jar

    You should be getting an output similar to the image below with "jar verified" at the end. 

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