Download and Install Code Signing Certificate (HSM-based)

Download and Install Code Signing Certificate (HSM-based)


The following article will walk you through downloading and installing your Code Signing Certificate. At the completion of this procedure your certificate will be ready to place signatures on drivers, executables, and other files. Note: If you've already downloaded your certificate, please refer to the instructions listed below: 


  • Add GlobalSign to your trusted sites.
  • For certificate pickup, you must have access to a Windows PC and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Once the certificate is installed, you may sign from other platforms such as OS X. 
  • IMPORTANT: Code Signing Certificate is now issued of R45 Intermediate Certificate and you may need to include the R3-R45 Cross Certificate.

Download & Install

  1. Once your order has been approved and vetted, open the Certificate Download Ready email, and launch the pickup link using Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter the Temporary Pickup Password that was set at the time of ordering as shown below. 
  3. Enter your CSR on the Enter CSR Required box. Then, tick the I Agree to the subscriber Agreement and click Next to proceed.
  4. To Install your certificate, click the Install My Certificate button. This will download the file to your computer. 
  5. To install the CA Certificate, click the Install My CA Certificate1 button. This will download the file to your computer.
  6. After which, you need to import the certificate into your HSM. Note: These certificates will match the private key used to generate the CSR submitted during the ordering process, for information on how to import these certificates on your HSM, please consult your HSM vendors instructions. 
  7. Now you're ready to use your certificate. Please refer to the guidelines listed below on how to use it. 
    1. Code Signing for Windows 7 and 8
    2. Code Signing in Java

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