How to Download and Install a Digital Certificate Onto Your iPhone

How to Download and Install a Digital Certificate Onto Your iPhone


This article provides step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing a Digital Certificate onto your iPhone. If this is not the solution you are looking for, please search for your solution in the search bar above.


You can watch the following video for a tutorial. 


How to Install a Digital Certificate onto your Apple iPhone :

After or When you downloaded your certificate from you PC, you may export it and sent it from your email along with the Intermediate and Root Certificate 

  1. Once you've recieved it on your phone, start installing the root certificate.

    > hit install and you will receive a message, continue to install

    > it will changed to ' Verified ' if you install it properly
  2. Now install the Intermediate Certificate with the same process.
  3. Now install your PersonalSign certificate, it will ask your private key password ( the password that you've created during installation from your PC )
  4. Now go to Settings > Profiles 

    - Under profiles you will three profiles 
  5. Now go to account and passowords
  6. Select the email account which you are installing the certificate for.
  7. Go to Advance

    - scroll down to S/MIME and enable it.

    - Make sure "Sign" is turned on and the certificate selected

    - After that make sure you will close all.

How to use it :
> When you create an email no need to select anything, just write your message and hit Send.
> If everything was done correctly, look at your sent email and  you will see a blue tick.
> Click the blue check and you can view the certificate and see it's trusted.

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