Important EPKI API Updates for 2023

Jul 18, 2023

Important EPKI API Updates for 2023

In compliance with S/MIME Baseline Requirements this coming September 2023, here are the upcoming changes to EPKI API:

  1. We have added <Subscriber Email Address>, and <SANRFC822 Email Address> to the following requests:
    1. Ordering and issuing a PKCS7 Certificate: OrderAndIssueCertificate
    2. Ordering EPKI Certificate: OrderCertificate
    3. Ordering PKCS12 Certificate: ​​​​​​ OrderPkcs12
  2. New profiles created for SMIME purposes <ProfileID> will use <SANRFC822 Email address>.
    1. <SANRFC822 Email address> and <Email address> should be the same.
    2. <Organization Unit> cannot be used for such profiles moving forward.
  3. If you are ordering a Certificate from your profile<Profile ID>, that are not used for SMIME purposes then <SANRFC822 Email address> will not be used; instead, use <Subscriber Email Address> / Or <Email>. 
  4. Based on the following changes, the Extended Key Usages will also be affected after August 28th, 2023.
Profile Parameters EKU
Non - SMIME Profile on Old ICA Contains <Email> Client Authentication 
SMIME Profile (New Profiles Created with no OU, and OI with valid email domain)  <Email>and<SANRFC822 Email address> as same value. Contains <Email>  Client Authentication & Email Protection 


Please refer to this EPKI API Guide for more information: 

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