Locating PKCS#7 - Managed SSL (MSSL)

Locating PKCS#7 - Managed SSL (MSSL)

Locating PKCS#7 - Managed SSL (MSSL)
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017 12:59PM EST
Locating Your PKCS#7 for a Managed SSL (MSSL) Certificate

Article Purpose: This article provides step-by-step instructions for locating your PKCS#7 for a MSSL certificate in your GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) account. If this is not the solution you are looking for, please search for your solution in the search bar above.
  1. Start by logging into your account and clicking on the Managed SSL tab. Click Find & Report on Certificates as shown in the diagram below.
    Locating PKCS#7 - Managed SSL (MSSL)_1.jpg
  2. Once in Search Order History, enter the certificate order number, common name or simply click the Search button and your certificates will populate in chronological order starting with the latest order.
    Locating PKCS#7 - Managed SSL (MSSL)_2.jpg
  3. Locate the corresponding order and click Edit.
    Locating PKCS#7 - Managed SSL (MSSL)_3.jpg
  4. Scroll down to Certificate Info and click Show in PKCS#7 (Certificate + Intermediate Files).
    Locating PKCS#7 - Managed SSL (MSSL)_4.jpg
  5. Copy entire certificate from -----BEGIN PKCS7----- to -----END PKCS7-----

​You have now successfully obtained your PKCS#7. Please continue to use the PKCS#7 to install your SSL certificate on common platforms such as Tomcat and IIS 7.

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