Add or Remove Subject Alternative Names

Jul 18, 2020

Add or Remove Subject Alternative Names


Important: When you add or remove SANs it will create a new order entry in your order history.You must reissue your certificate after this process to get a certificate with the updated SANs.


  1. Log in to your GlobalSign account.
  2. Click on the SSL Certificates tab as shown below.
    process 2.png
  3. Click Find Order:
    Process 3.png
  4. Click Edit next to the order from which you wish to add or remove SANs.
    process 4.png
  5. Click the Change SAN Option button as shown below. Note: GlobalSign no longer supports AutoCSR. To Change SANs on an order originally placed using AutoCSR, you must first reissue and submit a CSR
    process 5.png
  6. Continue with the appropriate section below for adding or removing SANs.

Add SANs

  1. Use the corresponding drop-down menu to select the number of domains, sub-domains, or IP addresses you wish to add to your certificate:
    add san 1.png
  2. Click Continue:
    add san 2.png
  3. Enter the full address of the SAN you wish to add. Press Continue:
    add san 3.png
  4. Review your order on the next page.
  5. Press Continue
  6. Enter Payment Details.
  7. Confirm order details.
  8. Complete.

Remove SANs

  1. Leave options on the edit page unmodified. Click Continue:
    remove 1.png
  2. Select the domains/sub-domains you wish to remove. Click Continue:
    Remove 2.png
  3. Review your order on the next page.
  4. Press Continue
  5. Confirm order details.
  6. Complete.

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