Troubleshooting FAQs Atlas

Jun 2, 2023

Troubleshooting FAQs Atlas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a Test Account?

Kindly contact our sales team or reach out to your Account Manager for a Atlas test account.

Certificate Renewal - Change Information

Kindly contact Vetting or Support team in order to change information.

Document Signing Expiration Time

In DSS, identity needs to be stored and reused for 10 minutes only. It's recommended to use LTV while using DSS.

If Signature on PDF has Long Term Validation (LTV) enabled, the signature remains valid, and there is no issue with validity being for 10 minutes only.  If LTV is not enabled, the signature will only be valid while the certificate is valid; for DSS, that is 10 minutes.

API Credential Error | 500 - Server Error

The error HTTP 500 occurs because an identity does not have the common name entry.

We would recommend customers create a new identity (with Common Name) which can be approved by vetting. The API can then be generated without any issues.

Please contact Support even if you require further assistance.

Unable to generate API Credential

  1. Please make sure you have selected the same Common Name i.e.,  Organisation Seal or Individual Signature, while generating an identity as well as a service. 

  2. If you are using trial services, make sure to link the auto-vetted identity with the trial service in order to generate the API credential to avoid errors in API generation.
  3. Please generate the API again and make sure to link it with the right service.
    Note: You may use a different valid identity.

    For more information, please check: 

Unable to Login

Please try to refresh and make sure you are using the correct URL (, or you can try it in incognito mode.
If this does not work, please contact Support

Unable to Process Entity Due to Invalid Data Content

Please send an email to the Vetting Department ( with your account details.

Adding or Creating Users

Please clear the cache and history, and then follow the instructions mentioned on the below page: 

API Error | Error 422

This might be due to many reasons and different endpoints, please contact Support

You may refer to the API documentation found here: 

You can also check the HVCA documentation found here: 

API Error | Error 429 - Too Many Requests

Please contact your Account Manager or Support to request a modification of the rate limit.    

Time Stamp Error

Please reach out to our Support team in case you receive any timestamp errors while using the DSS signature.

Account Deletion Request

Please reach out to our Support team with your request.

GlobalSign System Alerts

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Atlas Discovery

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SSL Configuration Test

Check your certificate installation for SSL issues and vulnerabilities.

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