How to Change Domain Validation Method in MSSL

Feb 15, 2024

How to Change Domain Validation Method in MSSL


This article provides step-by-step instructions for changing your domain validation method. This guide can also be used to delete MSSL Domains.


  1. Log in to GCC and select the Managed SSL tab. You will be redirected to the Managed SSL - Dashboard as shown below. Note: Depending on your privileges, you may need to be logged in as Administrator in order to proceed. 
  2. Click the Manage Domains button on the Profile containing the Domain you wish to delete. 
  3. Click the Delete button as shown in the diagram below. This will redirect you to a new window, click Delete to confirm. 
  4. Return to the Managed SSL - Dashboard by clicking the Managed SSL tab. Then, click the Add New Domain button on the Profile. 
  5. Enter the Domain Name you want to include in your profile, and click Continue (do not include www before the domain). NOTE: If you plan to order EV certificates for this domain, check the box accordingly. If your profile is not vetted to EV level, the option will not appear. Also be aware that choosing EV option will require manual validation by the GlobalSign Vetting Team. Manual validations are processed within 1-2 business days if all required information is provided on time. You may also upgrade the domain to EV level at a later time if you choose. 
  6. Add a point of Contact. You may opt to press Auto Fill and then click Continue.
  7. Select one of the Domain Validation Methods. You can click the links below for the guidelines on how to proceed with each verification method. 
  8. Confirm the details of your Domain Application, then click Complete. Once you have completed the Domain Validation step, you will have the option to start placing orders for the domain in question. If for any reason you wish to change your Validation Method, return to step 1 of this article and begin the process again.


1. Ballot 193 - 825-day Certificate Lifetimes
2. CA/B Forum Baseline Requirement Changes Affecting 3 Year SSL Certificates

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