Certificate Pickup Password - Client Digital Certificates

Certificate Pickup Password - Client Digital Certificates

The Pickup Password requested during the download and installation of your Certificate is set during the ordering process. It is used to ensure that the person responsible for ordering the Certificate is the one to install it. It is a temporary, single use password, only used when picking up a Certificate from a download link.
Note: The download link will expire after 30 days.
The pickup password must be at least 8 characters long. It may contain alphabetical and/or numerical characters.

Example- qwer12ty


The Pickup Password prompt is on the second page while ordering any Client Digital Certificate from an existing account.

We always recommend that you note down this password. This is a single use password, required for downloading the Certificate and it cannot be changed or reset from our end.

NOTE- If forgotten, the Certificate must be cancelled and then reordered.
This can only be done during the first 7 days of your Certificate's issuance, if after 7 days you will need to contact our Support team.

The below are exceptions to this process:

  • If your order is a PersonalSign 3 Pro (placed via the Chamber of Commerce or Marktconcurrent), there is no need to cancel the existing order. Simply, place a new order and inform our vetting team of the new order number as well as the existing order number. You may contact the relevant vetting team at vetting-emea@globalsign
    (Note, this will not require a second payment, as you will not need to be verified again. The documents from your successful verification are instead re-assigned to your new order)
  • If the order is issued via our Enterprise PKI (EPKI) solution, the pickup password for each Certificate is visible in the system to the account administrator. Please ask your account administrator to recover the forgotten password, as to avoid needing to cancel and reorder.

If at any point you require clarification or further support on any part of your Certificate order, please contact support via the live chat feature, or via support@globalsign.com.

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