Back Up Certificate - Internet Information Services (IIS) 7

Jul 7, 2020

Andrew S. Tanenbaum
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Back Up Certificate - Internet Information Services (IIS) 7

Export Your Certificate Using IIS 

  1. Open Microsoft IIS 7 Manager.
  2. Select the Server Name from the left side pane.
  3. Click the Server Certificates icon from the middle window.
  4. Select the certificate you wish to export.
  5. Give the certificate a file name and password.
  6. Your certificate and private key have now been exported to a ".pfx" file.  

Export Your Certificate Using the MMC 
Create an MMC Snap-in for Managing Certificates

  1. Open  MMC (Start > Run > MMC).
  2. Select File > Add/Remove Snap-in > Certificate > Add OK.
  3. Close the Add Standalone Snap-in window.
  4. Click OK in the Add/Remove Snap-in window.

Export the Certificate With Private Key

  1. Expand the Certificates Console Tree.
  2. Locate the Personal folder. Click Certificates
  3. Select the certificate you wish to back up.
  4. Right-click on the file and choose All Tasks Export.
  5. The Certificate Export Wizard will start up. Click Next.
  6. Select Yes, Export the Private Key.
  7. Select Include All Certificates in the Certification Path. Click Next.
  8. Create a password to protect the export of the private key file with the certificate. Click Next.
  9. Choose to save the file to a set location.
  10. Type the file name in the appropriate box. Click Save
  11. Click Next > Finish.
  12. You will receive the message "The export was successful" when the export has been completed. Click OK. The file will have a ".pfx" extension and will contain your certificate and corresponding private key. 

Import PFX File Into IIS 7 Web Server

  1. Open IIS Manager and navigate to the level you want to manage.
  2. In Features View double-click Server Certificates
  3. In the Actions pane click Import.
  4. In the Import Certificate dialog box type in a file name in the certificate file box or browse to navigate to the name of a file where the exported certificate is stored. 
  5. Type in the appropriate password if the certificate was exported with a password.
  6. Select Allow This Certificate To Be Exported if you want to be able to export the certificate in the future. If you do not want to allow for this function, do not select the option. Click OK.

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