Install PFX/PKCS#12 - Internet Information Services (IIS) 7

Feb 19, 2024


This article provides step-by-step instructions for installing a PKCS#12 file in IIS 7. If this is not the solution you are looking for, please search for your solution in the search bar above.


Note: Before installing the PKCS#12 file please make sure you have ordered and downloaded your certificate.

  1. Save your PKCS#12 file onto your computer in a location you will be able to locate easily later.
  2. Navigate into IIS7. In the IIS manager select the server from the directory menu on the left. It will typically be the item at the top of the List. Under Server Home double click Server Certificates
    Step 2.png
  3. Click Import on the right under the Actions menu.
    Step 3.png
  4. Browse to the location of your PKCS#12 Certificate. Enter the Private Key Password that was set when you downloaded your certificate.
    Step 4.png
  5. Once the certificate file has been imported into IIS the next step is to adjust the bindings for your website. Select the website you are installing the certificate on from the left-hand directory menu. Right click and select Edit Bindings. Click Add.
    Step 5.png
  6. Under Type select HTTPS. Ensure the port has changed to 443.
  7. Under SSL Certificate select your certificate. Click OKNote: If you are hosting multiple websites, have a wildcard certificate, or a certificate with SANs, you will need to adjust multiple bindings for that website.
    Step 7.png
  8. The final step is to Stop and Start the webpage using IIS. This is important as the restart function may not restart the page all the way and the server will continue to parse the old certificate.
    Step 8.png

​Your certificate has been successfully installed in IIS 7. At this point your installed certificate can be accessed at the website it was installed on (e.g.,

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