Doing Business As

Using a Doing Business As (Trade Name) Organization Name in the Application

If the Organization is trading under an Assumed name (i.e., Doing Business As an alternative name), then it is possible to include it within the SSL certificate. The format of the organization's name within the subject will be "Organization Actual Name" DBA "Organization DBA Name".

If, in addition to Applicant′s formal legal name as recorded with the applicable Incorporating Agency or Registration Agency in Applicant′s Jurisdiction of incorporation or Registration, Applicant′s identity as asserted in the SSL Certificate is to contain any assumed name (also known as “doing business as”, “DBA”, or “d/b/a” in the US, and “trading as” in the UK) under which Applicant conducts business, then GlobalSign will verify that: (i) Applicant has registered its use of the assumed name with the appropriate government agency for such filings in the jurisdiction of its Place of Business (as verified in accordance with the CA/B Forum guidelines), and (ii) that such filing continues to be valid.

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