Performing Domain Verification - DNS TXT Record

Jun 20, 2024

Performing Domain Verification - DNS TXT Record

Article Purpose: This article provides a step-by-step instructions on how to verify domain ownership using the DNS TXT Record Verification Method. This method is ideal for customers who can easily modify DNS records. If this is not the domain verification method you are looking for, please go here to view our other domain validation methods.

Note: This method is applicable to

  • Issuance of DomainSSL (DV) and AlphaSSL certificates
  • Adding SANs to CloudSSL certificates 
  • Adding OV and EV domains to you mSSL account
  • Domain self-validation process for Partner and Retail OV and EV SSL Certificates*


What's New*?

GlobalSign is making significant improvements to the domain validation process for Partner and Retail OV and EV SSL Certificates through its GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) to reduce the time and effort needed to verify domains. For more details on this significant change, please go here.


CA/B Forum Changes

The CA/B Forum has specified that a DNS Tag can be used for a maximum of 30 days only, after which, you need to cancel and reorder the certificate. 



Please follow the instructions below to complete the DNS TXT Record Verification Method:

  1. Start the ordering process within your GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) Account to order the SSL Certificate.
  2. Under the Domain Verification page, there will be an option to select the DNS Record Approval Method. Select the Use DNS Record Approval Method option to continue with this type of domain verification.
  3. Once the purchase has been successful, you will be provided with the Domain Verifcation Code (DVC) that is needed for the TXT record via email. You can also obtain the DVC by going to the certificate details page in GCC.
    performing -domaian-verification-2.jpg
  4. Open a new browser page and go to the Domain Manager of the website where the SSL certificate will be installed. In the DNS management page, add a TXT type DNS record and have the TXT value entered on the TXT Data field. Note: This is an example of a DNS Manager page. The user interface may be different depending on the Domain Manager. 
  5. The email you received also includes a link for the verification. When you have updated the DNS TXT Record, click on the link to complete the verification process. 
  6. Select the details of your domain using the provided radio buttons. Click Verify. If the site cannot be verified an error will appear. If you receive an error, check the insertion of the code and try again.
  7. The domain has now been successfully verified and the certificate will be issued. An email will be sent to you confirming the order has been completed with the details of your certificate.  



1. Ballot 169 - Revised Validation Requirements

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